Private Label
Boutique / Online-shop
Wholesale order
Single purchase
PREMIUM LABEL (from 300€)
You can purchase goods from our warehouse without a personalized tag (only a tag with a size).

Email us
Boutique / Online-shop
If you have a boutique or online store and you want to make a small order, you can buy goods from our stock.

We will send you the current file with the goods in stock, where you can choose the ones you like

To receive the file, write to the email. Also tell us about your company —
Wholesale order
Minimum Order Quantity = 5 peaces per article / size / colour.
The total order must be from 2000 euros. Order plans for a few months in advance. We do not begin to sew immediately, as you made the order.

To discuss an order, please contact our manager. Also tell us about your company —
Wholesale order
You can purchase our underwear for personal use by making a purchase in our online store. There you are always waiting for nice discounts and new collections
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Minimum Order Quantity
5 peaces per article / size / colour.

If it is less - on the availability of stock
Producing lingerie under Private label
We can make your underwear or ours with your tags. Write your proposal to the mail and specify the amount
Marketing, advertising
We can provide quality photos, catalogs, banners and create a web page for advertising our partnership
Delivery is paid by the customer, since it is not included in the price. We will send by postal company, which you choose
Local representative
You have the opportunity to receive the rights of a local representative
Separate sewing
You can order sewing separately bikini or bra wholesale
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